Filing of Form INC 22A (ACTIVE)


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Dear Sir / Ma’am,

I may state that there is problem in prefilling of the Auditors Details in Point 3 of Form INC – 22A (ACTIVE), as the Auditors were appointed in the year 2014-2015 for the term of 5 years by filing the Form GNL -2 along with the MANUAL attachment of ADT -1 as per the instruction issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide General Circular No. 9 / 2014 Dated 24th April, 2014.

I may further state that the filing of Form ADT 1 was to happen within 15 days from 30.09.2014 ie., upto 15.10.2014 & there was no Form ADT -1 available online, which was made available at the portal of MCA by 20.10.2014.

I may further state that now there persists problem as the details of the Auditors are not PREFILLED in the Form INC22A (ACTIVE).

The last date of filing Form INC 22 A is coming near i.e., 25.04.2019.

Kindly advise.


CS Priya Tosh Sood

FCS : 3755

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